…she’d be a Sea Squirt.

“On a physical level, Meredith would be an albatross, an ungainly manner that in the air, as on stage, becomes grace, but on a deeper level, she’s a sea squirt. It might seem a quiescent critter, living anchored to a rock, almost a plant, but inside it’s busy. Very busy. It’s gestating a million eggs, and in a sudden glory it spouts like a Roman candle, ejecting a million little squirts into the sea. It’s a lovely, dazzling thing to see, for the babes shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow. Often enough several adjacent sea squirts will erupt nigh simultaneously. Big fish have been known to pause to watch in unblinking amazement. With their million brethren, they swarm like a mad ballet, then, grown, matured, innards laden, the sea squirt looks for a likely rock to attach to, where, quiescent again, no longer chasing down invisible prey, it devours its own brain, so as to erupt again in its grand display of creation.”

~ Tom Badyna, Writer, Bricklayer

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