My Heart Waits in Winter

It is well known that re-locating to Southern California takes some adjusting, especially for a person who grew up with dramatic seasonal changes. In the east, not only did the weather and external atmosphere differ so greatly from one quarter to the next, but one’s personal internal shifts were also more marked. In Los Angeles, […]

November Melancholy

A boyfriend once told me after our break-up that he didn’t think I was sentimental. At first I was upset and wondered how I spent years with a person who didn’t know the depth of my love and sorrow. But now I can agree with him. Melancholy is the feeling I had when I would […]

Pictorial Dramaturgy

I’m going to be doing interesting things this month, and since blogs are hardly read by anyone, well, I’ll keep it short and simple, and use as many pictorial illustrations of my musings as possible. Went to see Horton Foote’s The Trip to Bountiful last night. What I always loved about the likes of Southern […]

All Hail, Our Lady

Whenever I go through a difficult time, I run in the direction of my old tried and true respite. No, not chicken soup, and yes, sometimes white wine. But in truth; volunteerism. This usually has me taking on the form of some sort of child-wrangling instructor. In this case, for nearly a year I’ve been […]

Cast Soirée

And that’s a wrap. After completion of filming Lady Windemere’s Fan, I decided to return to my love of hosting parties and plan a Cast Party for the team. It was thought to be a warm up for the revamping of Confluence, a dinner/art immersion that I used to plan a few years back. This […]

School is back in Session

I always looked forward to this time of year. As the days get shorter, the nights a little cooler, across the world, young people are preparing to return to school. New highlighters, new folders, new friends. It was always a time of great anticipation for me, as it meant returning to the stage and the […]


I have been to quite a lot of theater this year. This doesn’t even include everything I’ve seen. Next up, is Waiting for Godot. Here is a little run down of the last two months. Clybourne Park Albert Herring – **Janis Kelly was the nicest AirBnb guest I have ever hosted. The Past is a […]

Not About Logic

The Fall Ready-to-wear Runways had two thematic elements that kept popping out at me.  One, being a dramatic, Gothic tone that created a woman who lives much in herself – a sort of Victorian and film noir goddess.  Almost every show used black as it’s main “color”, even acting as the reinforcement to bright red, […]