In 2014, Meredith returns to the stage in International Theater Artists’ rendition of Frankenstein. This fall, she will star in the bone-chilling short, L’chaim, written by Philip Eisner (Event Horizon) and directed by Dean Harada (Far Mountain Productions).

This summer, she is acting as Event Planner for a Farm-to-Table fundraiser in Toledo, Ohio, that will be hosted by The University of Toledo’s Urban Farm and The Thomas D. Kitz Foundation. All proceeds will go to the University Farm and towards Pancreatic Oncology.


The short film Wedlock, adapted from award-winning author Richard Bausch’s short story, has Kitz as the newly wed bride, Lisa, whose genuine warmth and excitement about her new life are assailed by the mad jealousies of her groom in a hideous game of charades.

In 2012, Meredith was the lead in a short poetic treatise, featuring the voice of Academy-Award winner, Louise Fletcher (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest).


Being raised on the swampy shores of Lake Erie in a rust belt town, her childhood had all the theatrical makings of an actor. Gothic cathedrals with organs and incense, pianos covered in the sheet music of Rogers & Hammerstein, record players pumping Led Zeppelin, libraries, old gems and furs at easy disposal, canopying trees, and slews of theater green rooms, make for one precocious and gregarious young thespian.

After being accepted into the acting program at the University of Michigan, she opted to study Directing. All the while, she directed Opera and African-American classics while living in a vegan Co-op. In 2009, she returned to acting as the maniacal management consultant, Dr. Leda Hackle in New York, and relocated to Los Angeles in 2011.